Steel turns into scrap turns into steel – from an ecological perspective steel is one of the most environmentally friendly materials there is, because it is one hundred per cent recyclable. RHM Group provides the expertise and the requisite infrastructure to sustain this cycle.

Determined, healthy growth has made RHM Group what it is today: one of the largest resource suppliers with warehouses across the entire Ruhr region and flexible, nationwide facilities.

Global markets demand flexibility, innovation and clear structures from a successful company. No problem! RHM Group is a reliable and competent partner, reacting quickly to supplier, collection point and customer demands in the steel-making and foundry industries. For you this means: the competence and expertise of many minds at a single point of contact.

The maxim of RHM Group is as simple as it is successful: we are the perfect partner in terms of procurement, reconditioning and trading in steel and non-ferrous scrap.

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